GAIA’S VIP SERVICE includes a tropical Welcome Drink, transportation to and from the beautiful beaches of Manuel Antonio and the National Park (every day from 7:30AM to 4:30PM), a complimentary guided Tour in our own Nature Reserve (every Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays), FREE WIFI access throughout the property, your own private Concierge who will assist you in all your needs and arrangements, Usage of our Exercise Room, Free local and international phone calls, Twice Daily maid service and Free 24/7 medical consultation. For our guests from the age of 13 years, all reservations also include one 20 minutes treatment per guest per stay available at our Terra Spa from 10am to 2:40pm daily. You can choose from: (A) Back Relief (B) Hands & Feet Renewal or a (C) Mini Organic Facial, two tapas and two free house cocktails at La Luna Restaurant that can be used arrival night.

Eco Friendly Hotel

Local Economical Sustainable Development

Based on the concept of the Model of Local Economical Development promoted by Gaia Boutique Hotel & Reserve, it is our purpose to develop and facilitate the economical and social participation of diverse social groups. This occurs through the sustainability programs and coincides with the environmental, social and cultural patterns. In that sense the model we propose covers the following aspects:

Regarding the Physical-Biological Environment from which Gaia Luxury Boutique Hotel & Reserve interacts with its surroundings, we promote the development of the local tourism business, in a sustainable way, promoting the rescue of indigenous biodiversity, and strengthening and preserving the different ecosystems.

This is done through two different perspectives that interact, one with the other:

1.1 Model of Mitigation of Industry Impact

From the management point of view to develop awareness on the part of employees and guests of the hotel. This is achieved through different aspects such as:
- Intelligent Electricity Usage Program
- Intelligent Water Usage Program
- Recycling and reusing programs
- Organic Compost for Organic Waste Treatment
- Biological Treatment of Waste and Sewage Waters
- We have dedicated ¾ of Gaia’s land to a private nature reserve, to be dedicated to a natural bio corridor with an extension of 12 acres.

Thanks to these efforts, Gaia Boutique Hotel & Reserve has been recognized by the WORLD TRAVEL AWARDS organization, as THE LEADING GREEN HOTEL for CENTRAL AMERICA and the LEADING BOUTIQUE HOTEL of COSTA RICA in 2008.

On the above picture Mr. Boris Marchegiani, President of Gaia Hotel & Reserve receives the awards for Leading Green Hotel for Central America and Leading Boutique Hotel of Costa Rica.

1.2 Model of Environmental Conservation and Community Involvement

From this perspective, Gaia Hotel & Reserve participates in programs such as:

- Rescue of Endemic Species
- Forrest Regeneration
- Protection of National Parks
- Conservation and protection of endangered areas

In these programs we have developed a strategy that includes the civil society through alliances with organizations, foundations and projects, such as:

2.1 Green Declaration

Which establishes all the philosophic orientation that regulates the entire hotel operation. It incorporates concepts of conservation, environmental education, human development, health and security of the people, as well as the rescue of values of harmonic living with nature. These ideas become operative through the following programs:

- Sustainable Tourism Program. This program categorizes the industries in the tourism business accordingly to the degree of sustainability that it possesses. This program is recognized by the World’s Tourism Organization.
- Of equal importance, there are inner processes being developed in the day- to- day operation of the hotel. This will confirm the sustainability of the company and among the highlights we can mention the following:

* Treatment of waste and sewage waters through the usage of biological solutions and bacteria.
* Strict control of monitoring the water consumption to observe and control the cycles of supply and demand.
* Usage of mechanisms to conserve the rain water in an optimal way.
* A system that collects water precipitation to be used for non human consumption
* Strict control of monitoring the electricity consumption to observe and control the cycles of supply and demand.
* High tech mechanism to control and administer the electricity consumption.
* Lighting System that does not generate heat, thus saving electricity.
* Usage of optional sources of energy: solar panels and photo cells, saving with each solar panel an average of 2000 Kw. /h per year.
* Usage of “waterless urinals”, saving 40.000 gallons of water a year.

A Supplier program of biodegradable products