Did Somebody Say Chocolate?

Mamà Cacao founder Juliet Davey has been working with cacao since 2009. Having a profound love of chocolate but unable to find any locally produced chocolate, Juliet decided that the only way she could satiate her desire for high-quality, delicious chocolate was to make it herself. Using organic Costa Rican cacao beans, Juliet created her own fine-quality chocolate, and she sold it at the local famer’s market, to bakeries, hotels and coffee shops.

Juliet aka Mamá-CacaoJuliet aka Mamá-Cacao

Where is she Today?

Fast-forward to 2016, after a short break from the chocolate-making scene Juliet is back with renewed vigour. Her company is now known as Mamà Cacao, and she now offers on going chocolate making workshops in Manuel Antonio and sells her range of dairy and vegan truffles, cacao drinks, bars, beans and other chocolatey treats to satisfy your taste buds.

Her organic beans are sourced from ethical growers that are located in the Central Pacific and Southern Zones of Costa Rica.

GAIA Introduces Mamà Cacao

We are happy to have Mamà Cacao join the GAIA family, who doesn’t love chocolate and who wouldn’t wanna learn how to make it? Mamà Cacao’s chocolate workshops are fun in big or small groups and at the end of it you get to eat lots and lots of chocolate. This is perfect for chocolate lovers and non-chocolate lovers, not only is it fun it’s also educational and you walk away with new knowledge and a booklet with some of Mamà Cacao’s recipes that are easy enough to make at home.

What’s Involved?

In these workshops you will learn the legends and history of chocolate. Prepare to use your senses in discovering how to discern subtle flavour differences as if you were a professional chocolate connoisseur. Watch and take part in the process of harvesting the cocoa pod to roasting the beans and get your hands dirty while you make your own-home made fresh truffles, find out why cocoa has emerged as one of our leading superfoods.


Duration: 2 hours

Location: At your rental property


$45 per person

To add this fun workshop to your agenda during your stay, contact reservations for more information.