3 Reasons why Manuel Antonio is especially enticing for lovebirds during green season

Posted on April 15, 2019 · Posted in Manuel Antonio, Romantic, Travel Tips

Maybe it’s the magnificent sunsets, the barefoot beach walks or the appeal of being surrounded by lush wilderness that makes couples day-dream of a romantic Honeymoon in Manuel Antonio. No matter if you look for a remote beach, a private waterfall escape or adding a bid of spark by planning some outdoor adventures with your sweetheart – we are sure in Costa Rica, you will fall in love over and over again at one of the most romantic hotels in Manuel Antonio.


But why is Costa Rica’s green season so romantic?

  1. 1.       Less crowds

Once spring begins to bloom in the countries of the northern hemisphere including the USA and Canada, tourist numbers in Costa Rica slow down until autumn. There are still people visiting from May to November, but it is not as crowded as in high season which ranges from end of November to April. The dream of secluded beaches can therefore made reality. You will easily be able to find your lounge chair at the pool, access the national park of Manuel Antonio without waiting lines and the group size during your adventure tours will feel familiar and intimate. That alone sets the perfect mood to connect and reconnect with the one you love.

  1. 2.       Rainforest romance

So you ask what the weather pattern will be like during the green season. – Expect sunny morning hour’s perfect for your adventure tour or to work on this perfect sun tan. There is nothing more exciting as to conquer this waterfall rappel together and empower your partner in a whole new way or you can recreate the romance scene of your favorite novel by taking a horseback riding tour through the lush wilderness of the rainforest.

Then, in the afternoons, you can arrange for some extra private time and book a spa treat for both of you at Terra Spa, a private yoga class for mindfulness and deep connection or simply enjoy the sound of the afternoon rain relaxing in our Ambar Lounge with a good cup of Costa Rican coffee or a tropical, fresh cocktail.

  1. 3.       Special romance packages and deals

In green season in Costa Rica you might not just be one special guest – but the “one” special guests. It may happen that you will have hotel facilities almost for yourself at times. Combine this with enticingly, romantic packages and amenities that we can put together for you and honestly, we do not know what you are still waiting for.

So no matter if you just need some time away from life’s routine to create some quality time for you and your love or to celebrate a special romantic occasion – Manuel Antonio should be high on your list this end-of-summer.

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