An Amazing Sunset, live latin music, but what cocktail to underline this epic moment?

Enjoy a Happy Hour at our Ambar Lounge and find out which Cocktail best fits your personality!

At GAIA’s Restaurant La Luna you can experience 5 star cuisine and an indescribable 180 degree panoramic vista of the Pacific coastline and surrounding rain forest.  “La Luna” features both international and local cuisine and welcomes our guests for breakfast, lunch, happy hour and dinner.  Besides breakfast, the restaurant is open to the public and especially our Happy Hour with Live Latin Music is a daily highlight.

Starting 4pm, you will receive 25% off tropical cocktails, delicious wines and shots. However, what to choose? GAIA is top notch, but lives up to the slogan of “Barefoot Luxury” – so will you choose hip, classy, vibrant or rather laid back and casual? What type of vacation cocktail fits your peculiar personality best?

Let’s find out!

Personality 1:

You want to feel hip, vibrant, sophisticated like Carrie Bradshaw on vacation?

Our Cosmopolitan is the right choice for you!

  • Vodka, Cranberry Juice, Triple Sec and Lime Juice

Personality 2:
You get inspired but the live music and like to dance to the Latin rhythm – you enjoyed a day of sun dipping and relaxation at the Manuel Antonio beach! You purely inhale the  mentality of Costa Rica?

You cannot go wrong with one of our amazing Margaritas! Our house special – Coconut Margarita!

  • Silver Tequila, Triple Sec and Coconut Milk

Personality 3:
You serious, sophisticated and simple like to chill out in our Ambar lounge witnessing the spectacular sunset in tranquility and good conversation?

A Martini will fit your mood! However, let us give it a slight tropical touch – try our Mango-tini

  • Range Vodka, Mango Puree, Orange Juice, Triple Sec

Personality 4:
Your adventure spirit, drive for adrenaline and exploration brought you to this beautiful Paradise of Costa Rica. You went on a wild Raft today on the Savegre River or swung through the Jungle on a Zip lining Tour?

You must have a Mojito to round up the day!

  • White Rum, fresh mint, Lemon Juice and Club Soda

Personality 5:
You like souvenir shopping, local designer and boutiques… You are lively, slightly sassy and playful and like to know as much as you can about your chosen vacation destination by seeing Dolphins jumping in the see, exploring the Farmer’s market or learn to dance Salsa from Locals! You like the colorful life Costa Rica has to offer and are traveling with friends?

You won’t be able to deny a GAIA Sunset!

  • Guaro, Banana Liqueur, Pineapple & Orange Juice, Grenadine


Personality 6:
You are easy going, laid back and prefer the known over experimenting. After a hot day, the only think you grave for is a refreshment that you are sure you cannot go wrong on!

Let us serve you’re a good local beer – Imperial! Simply “Pura Vida”


Last preparations to get ready for this one, memorable moment!

Now, that you have chosen your Sunset beverage, let us serve you and combine your trendy or chilled spirits with some delicious, local flavored Tapas. What else is there to know? Dress code? No, there is none at La Luna Restaurant. Be leisure, relaxed or put on your heels and enjoy the time you have on vacation to dress up! Alright, we are ready – let’s bring on this epic Pacific sunset saying farewell to one other fantastic day in Paradise!!!