Costa Rica, the perfect destination for your romantic getaway

Posted on August 23, 2017 ยท Posted in Manuel Antonio, Romantic, Travel Tips

Costa Rica is one of those countries most people put on their bucket list of places to visit at least once in a lifetime. Its luxuriant wildlife, amazing beaches and scenic coasts make it the perfect destination for many couples seeking for a place to spend their romantic vacation.

What Does a Costa Rica Romantic Vacation Has to Offer?

Few places on earth are better tourist destinations than Costa Rica. This Central America country has an impressive natural beauty, with its stunning waterfalls, rivers and lakes and with its lush foliage and rich wildlife. It truly is the Hawaii of Central America, as many tourists use to call it.

Costa Rica Romantic Getaway - Manuel Antonio Sunset

All these can be yours to enjoy in your romantic trip in Costa Rica. Moreover, you’ll have the chance to relax in quiet and comfortable hotels, in the middle of nature, surrounded by wildlife, yet not missing anything the modern life has to offer. All that’s left for you to do is enjoy a relaxing vacation in your partner’s company.

Despite the big number of tourists that come here each year to spend their vacations, there’s still unspoiled wildlife in Costa Rica. If you want to have an adrenaline rush together with your partner, you can challenge your limits in one of the multiple activities that are organized here. If, on the contrary, you feel like doing nothing but enjoying a romantic evening in two, just go down by the beach and want the sunset together. Few things are more romantic than this. It is unbelievable how simple things can make us so happy and how everything seems better when you share it with a beloved person.

What You Can Do During Your Romantic Holiday?

Be it you come to Costa Rica for your honeymoon or for a simple romantic getaway, you’ll find a wide array of activities you can enjoy, from watching birds and butterflies to surfing, deep sea fishing, rafting on the rivers, horse back riding, snorkelling or surfing. There are also good shopping facilities and casinos, should you feel the need for such activities during your stay in Costa Rica. The tropical jungles and the rain forest are also there for the most adventurous of you.

Nature is perhaps the most valuable asset Costa Rica has. Expeditions and adventures organized here are unforgettable, just like the untouched lands, pristine beaches and protected areas.

Costa Rica Romantic Vacation - Manuel Antonio National Park

Whatever kind of romantic getaway or honeymoon you may prefer, you can find it in Costa Rica. Exotic vacations, romantic evenings, wild nature all around you, all these are waiting for you in Costa Rica, the paradise of sun and exotic life. You can have the perfect mix of romance, exotic life and nature, a honeymoon to remember for the rest of your life.

What You Need to Know About Costa Rica

Although Costa Rica is mainly a spanish speaking country, english is also spoken and understood by most locals.

Costa Rica is famous for the fine quality coffee that grows here. you’ll have the chance to taste the finest coffees in the world, so don’t miss it.

Costa Rica Romantic Holiday - Delicious Roasted Coffee Beans

Most prices are lower than in the US and the local currency is favorable to the US dollar, therefore you’ll find fine dining, shopping and other experiences fairly inexpensive compared to those at home.

How Much Does A Costa Rica Romantic Vacation Cost?

Costa Rica honeymoon or romantic packages may vary a lot in price, depending on the type of hotel you want to stay, the activities you want to do and your preferences. Roughly, two thousand dollars should be enough for the two of you to have an excellent time. This doesn’t include the flight price, as that depends very much on the place you are coming from. Anyway, if you are interested in spending your honeymoon or romantic vacation in Costa Rica, you’ll have a wide choice of packages from luxurious boutique hotels stays to simple accommodations on the beach or the rainforest.


Costa Rica is the right romantic destination because of its beauty and affordable prices. A honeymoon or a romantic getaway here will turn into a memorable and unforgettable lifetime experience.

How to Book Your Package

You could call a travel agent and ask for offers, then book through them and let them take care of all details of your trip.

Another way would be to search online for special Costa Rica getaways or honeymoon packages and book them online, directly on the website where you find them.

Any of the two methods would do, but make sure you read all the fine print before booking your getaway, so that you can be sure you know what to expect.