La Luna Restaurant at GAIA Hotel & Reserve fusions traditional and new dietary tendencies in its latest a-la-carte menu

Posted on June 20, 2017 · Posted in Dining and Wellness, Gaia Hotel and Reserve, Manuel Antonio

La Luna Restaurant at GAIA Hotel & Reserve in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica has always been standing up for its international cuisine which uses primarily local produce and is one of the top fine dining restaurants in the area serving  breakfast, lunch, tapas and dinner to its hotel and walk-in guests. La Luna is characterized by a breathtaking 180° Degree View of the tropical surrounding Rainforest and the Pacific Ocean. Postcard-Stunning Sunsets can be witnessed almost daily from its cozy Ambar Lounge during Tapas and Cocktail Hour. One of the key points that sets La Luna apart is the attention to detail and the personalized service provided by the kind and lively Costa Rican staff members. At La Luna your special occasion is celebrated as if you were part of the family, every dietary restriction is taken into account even if it means for the Chef to create a new dish from scratch on the spot and always cooked and presented to perfection. The most important mission for La Luna is to create a memorable experience. BUT, is that all there is?

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 A dining experience that equals a round-trip through Costa Rica

If you think that everything previously mentioned is exceptional, then you may be wrong. When it comes to fine cuisine impeccable quality and personalized service are just the beginning. For La Luna, anticipating new dinning tendencies and understanding the experience its guests are seeking in each dish is the root to innovation. In early 2016, La Luna Restaurant launched a complete revamped a-la-carte menu and from that time maintains itself as the dominating restaurant in Manuel Antonio offering modern Costa Rican gastronomy.

Its newest dishes incorporate some indigenous products that were eaten in pre-Columbian times and that have merged under the influences of different cultures that were arriving in Costa Rica – among these, Afro-Caribbean, Chinese and Spanish. The menu assembles traditions from different areas of Costa Rica – corn, rice and meat are big protagonist in Guanacaste, Northern Costa Rica while some new dessert recipes originate from Cartago located in the Central Valley of the country. The dining experience at La Luna Restaurant equals a round-trip through Costa Rica. Choose from Caribbean dishes like ceviche, chicken with ginger and honey accompanied by mashed plantain puree or spaghetti with palm heart sauce or try the tenderloin “guanacasteco style” and exotic desserts such as exotic sweet potato cake and basil cheesecake

vegetarian-dishesNewest Vegan Dishes at La Luna Restaurant

 La Luna fusions traditional Costa Rican cuisine with new health lifestyle tendencies.

… If you think that all sounds already tasty and spectacular, there is more awesomeness on the agenda. Soon to come and in its last tweaks and twists is an extensive vegan menu with over 15 plates respecting the vegan diet for the growing health conscious clients visiting La Luna Restaurant. “Often guests that follow a vegan or vegetarian diet face very limited options on menus when travelling and even feel uncomfortable to inquire for a special treatment while dining at a Restaurant” says Hernán Quirós, General Manager of GAIA Hotel & Reserve. At La Luna Restaurant, the vegan and vegetarian diet will now be addressed with a bright and interesting selection of mouth-watering dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner leaving the days behind where our clients have eliminated ingredients from dishes in order to create an acceptable plate respecting their dietary preferences.